Ministry of Agriculture: OER Experience by Francis N. Nderitu

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I do not have any earlier experierence on OER all my expereience in OER is gained from this workshop. However, I find it very useful and practical in my work environment because we are teachers to extension officers and farmers. I see this as a good platform for acomplishing this goal especially in this information age. But, thorough capacity building of our over 200,000 staff is required, to be able to utilise and contribute to the OER facility.

The following are things learnt by me during the OER traininig

  1. How to create an account on the OER platform
  2. How to Login to open a user page
  3. How to use the tool bar or OER syntax to make:
  • A nummbered list
  • A bulleted list of items
  • Create titles
  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Indent Text

We also learnt:

  • How to create internal and external links
  • How Create lesson pages using links
  • How to input photos from and into our lessons and label them
  • Also how to use the discusion and the history tabs to dicuss aticles with other users and to view previous vershion of articles.
  • How to use watch tab to see changes of articles by the peers

Finally we learnt how to create a lesson through:

  • Objectives
  • Activities
  • Assignments
  • Definations
  • etc

The following are some Illustrations

A nummbered list

  • This is created by puting # before the text

A bulleted list of items

  • This is created by puting * before the text

Internal links

Dairy Breeds

External links