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Greetings from the Ottawa Valley, Canada. Today is a balmy November day and sunshine is streaming through the office window!

I am going to be creating a wiki with my students next spring so I'm eager to find out what it is all about! I teach college courses online which allows me to continue living the rural life that I love while using my skills and following my passion.

I teach Environmental Education skills to educators! I've gained the knowledge for this job through my MA in Environmental Education and Communication that I'm taking online through Royal Roads University. Throughout my Masters I've found that an online learning environment can be very warm and friendly.

I am excited to think that in this wikieducator course, my classmates are spread around the globe! Great to meet you.

Notes from my WikiNeighbours

Hi Natalie, Welcome to WikiEducator! Great to meet you, too. I'm not part of the current class, but rather saw your edit (using my "watchlist" function) to the "What is a wiki?" tutorial. Great job applying your new skills; your edits were right on target. It's the wiki bold, just try it, WE will help you. However, as I reviewed your edits (part of the process of general "checking legitimacy of entries"), I felt that the earlier entry by Fred undermined the purpose of the activity. This kind of entry (responding on the page) happens at times, as new users work to figure out how wiki's work. I deleted the whole entry and wanted to reassure you that the kind of improvement you made to the article in question is MUCH appreciated.

Well, enjoy the workshop. I'm not scheduled to help out, but feel free to contact me (leave message on my talk page or in this section on my user page) if you have a comment or question.

Your wikineighbour, --Alison Snieckus 01:22, 24 November 2010 (UTC)