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about me

Hi my name is Nadja. I am 24 years old. I'm a student from Germany studying at EIT in Napier.

If you read my page and notice any mistakes relating to spelling or grammar, please correct them. I'm not yet proficient in the art of writing English.

Thank you :)

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This is my hints page.

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Assessed Activity 4.1 (2014)


Assessed Activity 4.1 (2014)

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Assessed Activity 4.2 (2014)

a explanation about APA references style from wikipedia, see

APA style

Citation in APA style, as recommended by the American Psychological Association: [1]

Plagiarism. (n.d.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved August 10, 2004, from[2]

Note that in APA 5th Edition style, the following rules apply for the reference:

For reference books, which includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, and glossaries, the book title is preceded by the word In. It is not italicized, but the book title following it is.
The book title appears in sentence case. You capitalize the first word, the first word after a colon, and proper nouns.
The URL must go to the exact page that you reference.
No punctuation follows the URL.
The term or article title appears in the author position. Use sentence case for multiple-word terms or titles, where you capitalize the first word, the first word after a colon, and proper nouns.

The proper in-text citation is ("Plagiarism," 2004) for a paraphrased passage or ("Plagiarism," 2004, para. #) if you directly quote the material. Note that para. # represents the paragraph number in the page where the information appears. If there are multiple headings on the page, it is also acceptable to place the subheading and then a paragraph number within that heading.

For example, proper in-text citation for a direct quote of fewer than 40 words is:

"Plagiarism is the use of another person’s work (this could be his or her words, products or ideas) for personal advantage, without proper acknowledgment of the original work" ("Plagiarism," 2004, "Definition," para. 1).

If the quoted material is more than 40 words, use the block quote format instead.

As another example, the proper in-text citation for a paraphrased passage is:

Plagiarism is stealing the works of others ("Plagiarism," 2004).

APA Style requires that you provide a separate reference entry for each term you are citing in your paper because 1) you must provide a URL for each term that goes directly to the term, and 2) you must provide the publication date for each term separately. However, if you are discussing the "online encyclopedia" itself, not a term in the encyclopedia, you might need to reference the site itself. The proper citation of Wikipedia, the site, as referenced in APA 5th Edition Style is:

Wikipedia: The free encyclopedia. (2004, July 22). FL: Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Retrieved August 10, 2004, from

The in-text citation formation would be (Wikipedia, 2004).


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Assessed Activity 4 (2014)



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