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My names Samuel Christison, I live in Napier, Which is located in New Zealand. I'm studying the Bachelor of Computing Systems at EIT Napier.

I run a small web hosting company, Hosting Cheap NZ [1] on servers that are located in the US and NZ.

I've taken quite an interest in trading crypto-currency's, Its a very easy way for people to get into trading.


I have a word-press blog, For completing components of various assignments. [2]

Interesting Things Page

I have created a page on Wiki-Educator for things i find interesting. Feel free to contribute:Samuel's Interesting Things Page

Interesting Links

BitCoin Wisdom DOGE/BTC Charts

BitCoin Wisdom DOGE/LTC Charts

Crypsty - Crypto Coin Exchange

Hosting Cheap NZ

Samuel's WordPress Blog

Random Exercises

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Todays Objectives

Today i learnt:

  1. How to register for Wiki-Educator
  2. How to add various things to my wiki page.

Say Hello

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  1. According to Christison, S. (Personal Communication, February the 27th, 2014)
  2. Christison, S. (2014) WordPress Blog,