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Records need to be kept properly & Protected


My Name is Nombuso Mthembu, I work for [1] All Seasons Harvest as a Projects Coordinator. I like music, interacting with people & going to Church.


I'm an Archivist (research papers) I belong to the LinkedIn community.


I'm expecting interaction with people who are knowledgeable in my field of interest. I'm also interested in people with more business knowledge (in general) people who are skilled in Archiving & Records Management to get their views on how best to improve the service rendering.


  • I've worked in the Registry environment for more than 15 years.
  • I have been involved in actual record keeping, records systems designs & implementation.
  1. I have been involved in the establishment of the Registry, implementation & maintenance of the File plan.
  2. I have disposed documents having followed all the processing up to approval of such. I have Managed the disestablishment of the Registry
  3. I have a Higher Certificate in Archives & Records Management & a Degree in Information Science.

I have been involved in the establishment of companies from scratch up to the running of the company playing various roles in the establishment & growing of companies.

Favorite links

  1. Open lLicense use in Africa
  • [2]Company Registration & Intellectual Properties
  • [3] Coca Cola South Africa
  • [4]Guidebook/Planning/Guidelines
  • [6]Professional_Education/Management/MHRM/Principles_of_Management/Planning

Zakhele Nxumalo


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By the end of this module you will be able to

  1. understand & Apply principles of ethical hacking
  2. Apply principles of ethical hacking & their methodologies

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Download & install nmap from

Install and configure it & run it as a test on your network. Email list of targets

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  1. Passive Scanning:
  2. Active Scanning:

<playmp3>music|travel_through_time|.mp3|click to begin.gif<playmp3> IT 401 - Ethical hacking & penetration testing