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Background Information

Example.jpg I am Zakhele Nxumalo. I grew up in Nongoma, Northen KwaZulu Natal in the Republic of South Africa. I am sharing with you the best thing that have ever happened in my life.


I am highly interested in Software Development and Database Management. I am currently introduced to the world of Grid Computing. I hope by joining this community i will be able to expand my knowledge, share my skills with people from different places. I wish to keep in touch with people interested in Scientific Research, Software Development, Database Management, Grid Computing and related fields.

My Background and Professional Experience

I was introduced to computers at tertiary level I didn't get a chance to encounter them earlier than that. I was taught everything at the institution i am currently studying in. I am now very good in computing and able to assist others who have the same past as I do. I don't have much professional experience since I am a student and have been a student for quiet some time now.

Programming Languages

  • Java
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Pascal
  • C++


  1. What I am working on at the moment
  2. My Previous Projects

To find out more about University of Zululand, click here.

Favourite Links

SCPS 503 - Advanced Compiling Techniques