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Hi, my name is Tim and I live in North West England. I had a big adventure many years ago traveling extensively in Asia and South America. This was both an amazing and shocking experience for me. I gained a lot from these experiences and now I'd like to use my skills and knowledge to give something back to the global community that supported me on that big journey.

Skills and knowledge

I have over 10 years experience of teaching computer applications in a community setting. A passing knowledge of the workings of GNU/Linux and extensive experience of using Ubuntu to do all the things I once did with Microsoft Windows.


Global warming

This is a new project that I'm developing. I'm trying to understand the issues around climate change and thing it would be helpful to do this as part of a group. One of the outcomes of this project is to develop a set of workshops or study sessions that people can use in the real world.

Introduction to Digital Photography

I would like to convert an introductory digital photograph course I taught into a wikieducator resource.

Computer Tutor Project

I've taught many computer application courses and each time I've produced handout and instructions on the mechanics of using the software. I'm sure this is repeated thousands if not tens of thousands of times by all the other computer application tutors. The idea of this project is to develop a system that automates the process of creating these instructions. As software applications are completely deterministic it should be possible to create a compact representation of the software application that generates an abstract logical description of every state the user interface of the application can enter. This can then be used to automatically generate written and visual descriptions of everything the application can do. This description needs to be sufficiently abstract so that it is easy to produce multiple formats (XHTML, DocBook, PDF, SVG, OpenOffice), translate into multiple languages and create documents with multiple levels (beginner, expert, general, detailed). I see this as some kind of web application were you can use visual tools to create a description of the software application using an XML dialect. This can then be shared with other users who can add to and refine the description of the specific application. There would be tools available to transform this abstract XML description into other concert formats.

An Information and Communications Technology Curriculum for the 21st Century

Why is an ICT curriculum for the 21st century needed?

Curriculum have become standard reference documents against which a course of learning can be measured.

What would a 21st century ICT curriculum contain?

Who should be involved in the 21st century ICT curriculum?

When will this curriculum be created?

Where will this curriculum be hosted?

How will a 21st Century ICT curriculum be created?


I have a degree in Biological chemistry and 'am still keenly interested in science and its public perception. In particular I'm fascinated by modern physics description of reality and the awe inspiring power of evolution to explain the living world. I'm also intrigued by our inability to come up with any satisfactory scientific accounts for the human condition. This leads me into an interest in philosophy and in particular the postmodern challenges to previous approaches. I'm also interested in the (re)emerging field of systems science that is attempting to find patterns and incites into the properties and behavior of both natural and cultural complex systems. You can see from my lastfm profile I have catholic tastes in music ranging from Tinariwen and their Malian desert blues through The Clash and British punk to Roisin Murphy and the geeky dance scene via a bit of The Imagined Village

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