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Hello World!
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Welcome to my page.

I hope that the resources here will have a positive impact in your area of service and to those connected to you, thus changing our world one person at a time.

Guidance and blessings!



As a child, while sitting under my mango tree, I dreamt of one day changing our world.

However, with time came wisdom, thus, the realization that my dream was too much for a little boy to accomplish. I then decided to first change my country -- little Belize by the Caribbean Sea. But, likewise, I came to realize that this was still too much for a teen to pursue. Consequently, I decided to focus on changing those people in my immediate community. Alas! Again, my desire was too much to aspire. Subsequently, I decided on trying to change my family. Yes, too much to do. So, ultimately, I settled on first, endeavoring to change myself!


  • Now, I am ready to help others change --
  1. To change our Families --
  2. To change our Communities --
  3. To change our Countries --
  4. To change our World!

I invite you to join my chain of change. Therefore, I challenge you to continue the chain of change. For if we do, the day we are laid to rest under our trees, that little dash (--) they will put between our birth date and our death date will represent all the changes we made in our Families, Communities, Countries, and our World! However, remember that you must, first, start your chain of change with thyself, and keep Jesus as the binding link to all new links!

“Rather than doing what is easiest, do what is best. Doing what is easiest…will cheat you out of challenging experiences…It is easy to watch, yet it is best to participate. It is easy to complain; yet it is best to take positive action. It is easy to take, yet it is best to give, to make, to create. Doing what is best brings a life that is full. Keep in mind that making the easiest choice may very well… (Prevent)… you from making the best choice… Effort is a privilege, not a punishment. Make full use of your (God given talents). Forget about easy, more often than not it is a deception. When you have the choice, do what is best (no less and God will take care of the rest!”

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