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Contact-new.svg Hemaima Tutuo
Occupation:ICT program Coordinator
Nationality:Solomon Islander
Country:Solomon Islands
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Hemaima Tutuo, Honiara, Solomon Islands

'About Me

YFCC opening day, March 2004

Hello my name is Hemaima Tutuo and I'm from the Western part of the Solomon Islands. Since March 2004, I worked as the Coordinator for the Youthfirst Computer Centre (YFCC), a project of the Rural Development Volunteers Association (RDVA) here in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

I'm originated from Marovo Lagoon but was born in Auki, Malaita province on 24th June 1978.

Education Background


  • Bachelors Degree in Electrical Science Engineering (Communication) - University of Technology, Papua New Guinea. (1999-2002)


  • Form 7 - Nelson College for Girls, Nelson, New Zealand.(1998)
  • Form 6 - Nelson College for Girls, Nelson, New Zealand (1997)
  • Form 6 at Betikama Adventist High School (1996)
  • Forms 1 - 5 at Kukudu Adventist High School (1991-1995)


  • Grade 1 - 6 at Mt. Soika, Kukudu Primary school (1985 -1990)

My Home & Community

My villages name is Telina. It is located right in the heart of Marovo Lagoon. This is the longest and the biggest lagoon in the world. We have approximately 400 population in the village and 1/4 of the population lived in town or other urban centres.

Telina is approximately 30 minutes by outboard motor from Batuna. The station where the OLCP project was recently deployed and it was a great privilege for my people of Marovo lagoon to access such an advanced technology which can link them to the rest of the world.

My Work

The Youthfirst Computer Centre (YFCC) was funded by the generous support from the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP), together with the Member of Parliament for East Honiara in 2003. The main objective of this project was to provide affordable access to ICT for the people in Solomon Islands. This is done by providing computer trainings for the students, school leavers, youths and organizations in and around Honiara.