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You are welcome to Unit 9 of Block 4. In this unit we are going to look at Tourism. Tourism is one of the many interesting topics in the Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) syllabus. Tourism is made more interesting because it involves several aspects in our environment. This is not a totally new topic in the sense that it is related to those things that we already know. Tourism is related to several topics in Block 3 (The utilization and management of natural resources). In this unit, we learnt about the use and protection of wild animals, which are also known as Fauna. We also learnt about the use and protection of our vegetation or Forests. Forests and vegetation are also known as Flora. We, can talk of Flora and Fauna referring to natural vegetation and wild animals. Wild animals and natural vegetation play a major role in Tourism. They form a foundation for the Tourism Industry. Remember that Tourism is said to be an industry. It is therefore related to topics such as processing and manufacturing industries as well as mining. All of these topics are common in the sense that they deal with how the Botswana Government gain revenue or money. The tourism industry makes the Botswana Government to have a variety of industries, or economic sectors. This is called Economic diversification. As you study tourism and even after your studies, you will appreciate the importance of tourism to the country’s economic development. This unit will “open your eyes” and make you aware and understand the importance of protecting your wild animals and natural vegetation.


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On completion of this Unit you should be able to:
  • appreciate the importance of Tourism to the country’s economic development
  • understand the importance of protecting wildlife and other resources which attracts tourists.
  • evaluate the role of stake holders in promoting tourism in Botswana

Unit Content

In order for you to understand this unit better, it has been divided into Five (5) lessons. The five lessons found in this Unit are as follows:-

Lesson 1: Major aspects of tourism


Lesson 2: Inland tourism


Lesson 3: Coastal tourism


Lesson 4: Role of stake holders


Lesson 5: Problems facing tourism



You are expected to take roughly two (2) hours on each lesson. There are four lessons in this unit and this means that you will need about eight (8) hours to complete all lessons. You are not restricted to the above time span. If you do not understand any lesson, you are advised to give yourself more time. Your study of this unit should be in a step by step style – by lesson by lesson.

Resources and Learning Approaches

Look at the following resources and strategies which may help you when studying this unit. If you cannot find any of the following, do not worry yourself since each lesson is well detailed.

  • The local or national library in which you will find many books on economic Geography dealing with tourism. You must also obtain pamphlets, magazines and newspapers covering tourism.
  • Visit any nearest school or appoint with any geography teacher so that he or she can give you any relevant information on tourism.
  • Visit the Department of tourism and national parks. From this department you can get a variety of information on tourism.
  • What about a visit to any national park or game reserves? Think about it.
  • Look out for videos or television programs on wildlife or tourism.

To help you understand this unit better, there are some activities given in each lesson. These activities will vary from one lesson to the other. Please do go through all of the activities in order to understand the whole unit. I do hope you will not hesitate to go through these simple and short activities.

At the end of this unit there are some short questions which will help you check your understanding of the whole unit. You might as well spend less than eight hours in this unit. This is determined by your pace or speed. You are also advised to go through the lessons and any exercise slowly. Do not be too fast unnecessarily, for it is said – “Speed Kills”.

Finally you will find an assignment which sums up all the work covered in this unit. Do this assignment diligently, as it will help you assess your understanding of the unit. There is also an evaluation form sent together with the Unit assignment. Once again complete and take or post it together with the assignment to your BOCODOL office or study centre.

Wishing you luck as you go through this Unit.