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[[Image:]]Welcome to the ASHS Parent Portal

Our parent portal is designed to achieve three things:

  • Maintain up-to date contact details for parents and caregivers
  • Keep parents and caregivers informed of their young person's progress in NCEA
  • Offer parents and caregivers the opportunity to support learners by providing them up-to-date information on progress.

How to access the parental portal:

Go to and click the 'ParentPortal' link.

[[Image:]]Enter your username and password. You will be logged in to the ParentPortal.

  • Click 'School Zone' for information about the school and for help material on how to use the portal.
  • Click 'My Zone' to see information specific to your son or daughter, including assessment results

The welcome screen:


Check your personal details:

[[Image:]]To keep the school informed when your details change, click the 'Notify Changes' link. This will display the contact details the school has for you. If these are incorrect, update them and click OK.

View Student Progress and Achievement:

In 'My Zone':

  • Click 'Assessment Details' to see detailed information about your teenager's progress in NCEA
  • Click 'NCEA Summary' to see an overview of your teenager's achievement in NCEA
  • Click 'Enrolment Details' to see a list of your teenager's subjects and teachers.