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Who am I??

I am Mohammad Issack Santally from the University of Mauritius. I joined the University in 2001 as Research Assistant at the VCILT (Virtual Center for Innovative Learning Technologies. I was appointed as Instructional Designer in 2002 and then as Lecturer in Educational Technology in January 2005. I am currently Senior Lecturer at the VCILT as from March 2008. Since January 2009 I also the Officer-in-Charge of the VCILT.

Where do I go from here? Any clue??

I did my first degree in Physics at the University of Mauritius, a Masters in Business Information Technology at Middlesex University in UK and a DESS (online learning) in IT and elearning Environments from TeleUniversity of Quebec.

I am currently doing my PhD on "Personalisation in Web-based learning environments". I'm investigating how we can best adapt elearning courses to individual preferences of learners. The factors im working on are mainly learning and cognitive styles of learners. I also teach Human Computer Interaction module and Cognitive Sciences and Learning on an MSc (Masters level) course online on the Moodle elearning platform.

My work in the e-learning field in Mauritius led me to some recognition as I received the award " the most outstanding young person" of Mauritius 2006 by the Junior Chamber International for work accomplished at the Professional and Academic level in e-learning/IT in Education.

Well apart from that I think I have my own vision about what education should be about, how we need to go about and Im kinda person who is quite critical of our traditional educational systems. I also have a vision of how/what elearning/computer-based education should be. Fortunately I can use my 'academic freedom' to practice what I believe and to inculcate and preach these 'self-created' principles to my students/peers.

I also like and at same time hate politics. I guess the many evils and problems of this world is caused by politics not to say 'politicians'!! I also believe that education should be 'freed' from 'political slavery'. I believe we cannot let politicians be policy makers for the educational systems that would shape the present and the future of our generations to come.

I also believe that educational resources should be made available at no cost to anyone who wants to access educational materials for personal development and for improving the world.

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Some interesting sayings

  • Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars - Les Brown
  • Have the courage to speak & the wisdom to listen - source missing
  • An ounce of optimism is worth all the luck in the world - source missing
  • The greater the obstacle the more glory in overcoming them - source missing
  • Wat would u attempt to do if u knew u'd never fail?? - source missing
  • Leadership is action, not power!! - source missing

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