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Welcome to my WikiEductaor User page. On this page I have added some info about me. To view my material, visit my Wiki's index page.

My Wiki

My wiki: Mlynskey2

About Me

My name is Mark Lynskey. I like to play football and video games. I am studying a Diploma in Multimedia and Web Development at EIT.

Digital Learning Blog RSS Feed

Project Complete!
All of the videos are now live on YouTube, and are also embedded as a tutorial on The presentation was given last Thursday. Links: YouTube playlist: Techf...
— marklynskey 2015-06-03 00:48:40
Project Poster
I completed the project poster this morning. It was created using Adobe Illustrator. I considered learning InDesign, but given the time left I thought I better stick to what I know.
— marklynskey 2015-05-26 23:32:00
Assessment Solution
Previously, I have posted that a pedagogical issue I am facing is the difficulty of providing some form of assessment for my tutorial series. I have decided to add in some light assessment in the form of a multi-choice quiz. Although it does not a...
— marklynskey 2015-05-26 04:09:15
Upload Timing Issue
On the sixth and final video, which is till to be recorded, I will be explaining different video file formats, and showing how to render projects and upload them to YouTube. However this brings up one small problem. As the students follow along wi...
— marklynskey 2015-05-26 02:23:54

My Interesting Links

Test Page

Test page - Learning to write/edit Wikieducator pages.

Ubiquitous Learning

Here is my citing example. The full APA reference is found under the references section by using the references tag.

For some, ubiquitous learning (or u-learning, ULearning) is similar to some form of simple mobile learning, e.g. that learning environments can be accessed in various contexts and situations.(Wikipedia, 2014)[1]

Pedagogical Template

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Pedagogical Template

This is a pedagogical template!

  1. Objective 1
  2. Objective 2
  3. Objective 4

Syntax Highlighter

The following code is some PHP code to calculate the cost of a trip.

function calculate_trip_cost($miles, $mpg, $ppg) {
	// get no. of gallons
	$gallons = $miles / $mpg;
	// get cost of those gallons
	$dollars = $gallons / $ppg;
	// return formatted cost
	return number_format($dollars, 2);


  1. Ubiquitous learning. (2014, July 25). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 06:03, March 20, 2015, from


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