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This is a template for a standard page heading. Note the objectives box!

VmvIcon Objective.png

Amazing objectives

The purpose of this page is to:

  1. Make a cool objective box!
  2. Play around with editing and formatting wiki pages.
  3. Add links to pages/media.
  4. Add images/media.
  5. Become familiar with Wikieducator

First Heading

To create another page to link to use This is test page 2

Replace lastname and initial below with yours. Template:Ml:FooterAPA-Author

Editing Practice

Here is a bullet point list:

  • List item 1
  • List item 2
  • List item 3

Here is a numbered list:

  1. Number 1
  2. Number 2
  3. Number 3

Here is a code snippet:

.header a:link, .header a:visited{
	width: 150px;
	height: 50px;
	line-height: 50px;
	display: block;
	background-color: #DDDDDD;
	font-weight: bold;
	color: #555555;
	text-decoration: none;
	text-align: center;
	font-family: Verdana, Helvetica, Sans;
	text-transform: uppercase;
	border-style: solid;
	border-width: 1px;
	border-color: #DDDDDD;
	float: left;

Sub Headings

Sub Heading

Sub Heading

Sub Heading

Signing Comments

Here is how I will sign off my comments. Below is the standard sign off:

- Mlynskey2 (talk) 07:48, 3 March 2015 (UTC)

Here is the note sign off:

(Comment.gif: This message is approved by Mlynskey2 (talk) 07:48, 3 March 2015 (UTC) )


Here is a basic link, using a URL:

Here is linked text: Nyan Cat

Inserting an Image from WikiCommons

Vale sinusoidale.gif

Inserting My Own Image

Craggy Range from Te Mata Peak.jpg


Here is a basic table created using the wiki editor. You can style them using css code. You can create them using html if you prefer.

Title 1 Title 2 Title 3
A2 A2 A3
B1 B2 B3

Citing Practice

Here is a citing example:

"There is a natural progression to everything in life: plant, cultivate, harvest." Olson 2013[1]


  1. Olson, J. A. (2013) The Slight Edge. Austin, TX: Greenleaf Book Group Press.