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Contact-new.svg Veronica Lushetile
Employer:Windhoek College of Education
Other roles:Home Maker
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Personal Information

My name is Veronica, a lecturer at College of Education. Iam the second child in a family of six. Iam married to Albert and have three children, two girls and one boy.I live in Windhoek. My passion is teacher education, specifically understanding teacher education in the Namibian context, how to improve teacher performance, etc. Teacher education in Namibia faces many challenges, one of which is tha long effects of colonialism on teaching and learning.

Information on teacher education is most welcome.



  • To help student teachers establish what their beliefs about teaching and learning and help them change these beliefs(considering their history.
  • To share information on teaching and learning with as many people as will access this site
  • To create a website with my students where we can share information

Educational Background

I went to school in Katima Mulilo and after passing my Matric I went to RSA for my junior degree. I hold a B.A. (Hons)in education, currently Iam in my final year of the Master's program with Stockholm University.


I like travelling, reading, jogging

Workshop Expectations

This was a very important course for educators. I expect to help my students get more information on the themes we will be working with by using Wikipedia. Hope we will get more opportunities to do this.

Favourite Links Photos

I would like to do the following

  • Create a website
  • Study for my ICDL test
  1. Do all the Tutorials
  2. Learn more on how to populate my sandbox

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