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Contact-new.svg Mike Bogle
Mike is educational technologist at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of New South Wales
Employer:University of New South Wales
Occupation:Educational Technologist

About Me

I'm Mike Bogle, Educational Technologist for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of New South Wales in Sydney (staff profile here).

My role spans a diverse spectrum of activities and spaces, above all seeking to help staff in the Faculty to explore the opportunities in educational technology and adapt them to their contexts. This spans on-site university services such as learning management systems, lecture capture and online media; as well as systems on the open web such as blogs, wikis, virtual worlds, social networks, and other forms of social media.

Research Interests

  • eLearning and educational technology
  • Empowerment & personalisation of learning; open education; nurturing of self-directed learners
  • Educational change; distributed and/or alternative learning models
  • Educational applications of emerging technology and social software
  • Trends in web-use and the Internet
  • Formulation and sociology of online communities
  • Web-based communication, VOIP, web conferencing and virtual environments
  • Free, Open Source Software (FOSS): Philosophy, culture, sociology, technology

Why I'm Here

I'm investigating WikiEducator as a potential collaborative space for my work with the Faculty, as well as a way to introduce the ideas of open education. Planning on projects will take place on subpages within this talk page.