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About Me



Writing Practice

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My school trip

My school trip this year was great,we went to Jerusalem, the black sea, the desert and lots of places in the desert. All the walking was boring and ofcurse evrybody was exited about where we are going to sleep and how it will be. when we got there most of us were disapointed but after a while it seemed realy fun idea to sleep at tents although it sounded like stupid one. On the second day we went to the dead sea, some of us went to swim and some didnt. I was at the nonswimming group because I didnt want get wet and change clothes at the time. afterwards the day came to an end and we went back to the camp with the tents to take a shower, eat and to have karaoke and finish the vodka we didnt finished on the first day. last day was boring as hell and evrybody wanted just to go home to sleep and eat.


U.S Embasay

Ben-Gurion 6, 3rd floor.

Hello, I guess you wounder why I need a visa card? Why should we give him? Well first of all I want to fly to USA so I need a Visa card, in USA im going to meet my mother in law and father in law, my mother in law is very sick so I promised to visit here befor some thing can happen to here and just to be with them at a hard time like this one. I allso intend to stay in a hotel and I need a visa to do so.

Listening Skills

Listening skills are very important. You can improve them with a little practice and good will. Without good listening skills it's hard to learn from lessons or lectures because you need to stay focused throughout the whole thing or as long as you can.

Some people concentrate better when they do not look at the teacher, but most people concentrate better while looking at the teacher because they stay focus on their target.

Listening skills are used not only at school but of course in our daily lives; we listen to our girlfriend, our mother, friends and every person we communicate with.

If you try concentrate harder and more you will get better and it will be easier to concentrate and communicate with others when you talk and listen.

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