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My Sandbox

Brainstorming for a project:

  • What subject area? English? Media literacy? Tools?
  • How big? A learning object? A lesson? A unit? A course?

 Doing the Links Tutorial

External Links

  1. Here is an external link:
  2. Here is one inserted using the Rich Editor: Athabasca University
  3. Here is one created using wikitext: Athabasca University
  4. Here is another created using wikitext: [1]

Internal Links

  1. Here is an internal link: Learning_Design
  2. Here is a descriptive internal link: Thinking about learning design

Explaining the Wiki Concept

1. How could I use wikieducator within a local project?
2. An article for a magazine/newsletter styled publication describing the wiki concept and how people can become involved?
3. Set up a workshop and invite interested parties by briefly describing the wiki concept and outlining what participants might expect to learn?
4. Post a story in your blog about wiki?

TBD . . .

Inserting Images

I'll come back when I'm not so mad--this is the second time I've lost all my work because I clicked on a link (e.g., Upload file)  before saving. Other things I've learned:

  • Don't try to insert emoticons made with punctuation marks.
  • Everytime I go into Wikitext and back, all formatting disappears.