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Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

My To Do List:

  1. Visit other users' pages
    • read them
    • leave comments
  2. Post to the discussion
  3. Go on with my page
  4. Read more about Templates
  5. Read again tutorial on page links
  6. Go back to workshop schedule
  7. Read more about Teacher Collaboration

Wiki Help

Creating Pages

Key concepts

  • Piped links: the syntax uses the character "|" (pipe) This feature allows you to display a more meaningful link name for an otherwise complex page address.

Two Ways of Creating Pages:

  1. creating a hyperlink in a page to another page that does not yet exist in the wiki. For example:
  2. create a new page with a link back to your userpage or to another page already available on the wiki. In that case, please follow this format: slash Username slash name of page desired (

Creating a link to my page

Causative Have


  • There are 2 ways:
    1. Using an existing image available on WikiEducator: RTENOTITLEI can get images from [1]
    2. Uploading an image from my desktop
      Llamas near Cafayate in Salta, Argentina
    3. Gallery

Inserting Files

Causative Have

Internal Links

  • My country's page
My country's flag

  1. Argentina
  2. Argentina [2]
  3. My country