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Hi. I am new to wiki use and learning how best to use this vehicle for education. I've been introduced to this technology through a University course. I'm from the southwestern United States.

I'm going to try to author a page about fundraising in schools with community support. I'm a part of a Community of Practice with parents who have children in low-income, dual language schools. We are all trying to find ways to raise funds for school materials and activities. We prefer fundraising activities in which:

  1. the students and community are strongly involved
  2. there is a component of skill-building or learning for the students
  3. most of the funds generated stay in the school (not catalogue sales)

I hope others with successful approaches will share their information too.

Thanks! Maria

(Comment.gif: Hi Maria - you may be interested in this Sustainability Presentation from the Community Media Community of Practice on WikiEducator. Feel free to copy any of the ideas in here! Randy Fisher)My Sandbox