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Community Fundraising

Parents, teachers, students and community members need to be part of the funding picture in most schools. Few schools have the funds needed for fieldtrips, classroom materials and other valuable activities and supplies needed for quality education.

Many businesses profit from the work of children and their families through catalogue sales and similar approaches. There are many fundraising opportunities in which close to 100% of the funds raised stay in the school. This page will focus on those opportunities.

Jogathon A jogathon is a fun, exciting way to raise funds while reinforcing the importance of physical fitness. Prior to the event, students request pledges (either a fixed amount or "per lap"). The day of the event, students jog or walk for a specified amount of time around a defined area. Volunteers record the number of laps run. Following the event, the children and their families collect the pledged funds.


More details on jogathons will be posted here shortly.


A mathathon is similar to the jogathon except that the children are challenged with age appropriate math problems. Prior to the event, students and families request pledges (either a fixed amount or "per math problem solved") and teachers finalize pages of math problems appropriate to their age. The day of the event, students solve as many math problems as they can within a defined time period (typically 20 to 30 minutes). Volunteers review the student work and determine the number of correct problems for each students. Following the event, students and families collect the pledged funds.

More details on mathathons will be posted here shortly

Silent Auction

A silent auction involves requesting donated items that can be auctioned during a school event. Prior to the event, community members can contact businesses, artisans and individuals to request donations. The donations are catalogued with value, “starting bid amount” and “bid increments” set. During the event, the donated items are displayed with sheets of paper with the name of the item, the contributor, the value and instructions for bidding. Individuals view the items and write their name, contact information and the amount they “bid” for each item. At the end of the event or following the event, the “winning” bidders are announced or contacted. They pay their bid amount and collect their item.

More details on silent auctions will be posted here shortly.


Balloon Sales

Balloons create magic for children and can carry a special message from parents or friends. Our school sells balloon around specific holidays or events. Balloon order forms are created and sent home with the children or posted on school’s web site. The school organization must purchase helium, balloons and ribbon. As orders are received, a volunteer delivers balloons to students at a time and place approved by the school administration and classroom teachers.


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