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My profile

Hi everybody, my name is Mariana, I am 21 years old, I am from Mexico City but I have been living in Aguascalientes for 18 years. I am studying the seventh semester of the BA in ELT. In the afternoons I work in an Elementary Public school located in Jesus Maria and in a mathematics school called “Kumon”. I love to work with little kids I think they are naïve and innocent. On weekends I use to help out at a dog shelter. I also got out with my friends and my boyfriend and I stay in my house with my family. I believe that the thing that makes me unique is that I always achieve my goals, I am a busy person but I like it because I am always learning and experiencing new things.

My philosophy

My educational philosophy in the English language classroom is based on a communicative approach.I think it is more important when learners are involved in real communication because they use their natural strategies for acquiring the second language. Furthermore this language acquisition will allow students to learn to use the language and prepare them for communicative situations. To apply real-life situations in classes is very useful for the students because they can face these situations in their real world.

I totally agree in the use of the Suggestopedia method because the learning is facilitated in a relaxed and confortable environment. An advantegous objective is that students activate their imagination. This method lets students to learn from their environment even if their attention is not directed to it. The use of the Total Phisical Response (TPR) method in the English classroom is very effective because students listen and respond to directions asked by the teacher. Through the use of teaching games students enjoy the experience of communicating in their target language and that`s motivate them a lot. More over this method has the advantage to reduce students´stress by applying different active activities.

For me this approach and these two different methods are the most useful and helpful for the English classroom teacher. The Communicative approach, the Suggestopedia and the TPR methods can be applied in all the different levels and they are effective to produce language to every student. I mean that they can be also used to students with learning dissabilities. This is another advantage they have.

My three paragraph essay

How can children with ADHD learn English as a second language? Remove.

A problem that English teachers are facing is having children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) inside the regular classroom. ADHD is one of the most common mental disorders among children. It involves a person who has trouble paying attention and focusing on tasks, tends to act without thinking. So, children with attention deficit disorder can be a challenge for any English Second Language (ESL) teacher. They must know some practical suggestions - What kind of "practical suggestions?
that can be used inside the classroom in order to make students with ADHD learn English as a second language.I don't see a clear thesis statement. What is the main idea of your essay?

What is the main idea of your paragraph? Include this main idea in a topic sentence.
First of all ESL teachers have to consider the lack of knowledge they could have when managing the ADHD students. This may do that these kids often fail to receive the assistance they need to be successful in the school. (Teacher Knowledege of ADHD, 2004). One helpful strategy teachers can use is to identify the kid from the behaviour. See the child first then the disorder. Another one is to help the ADHD student to develop his/her own strategies for when their behaviour feels out of control, by asking: " What can you do when..." . Finally one main strategy is to involve parents in what you do.It is really helpful to know you are not alone dealing with this. Rapport with parents will make it easier.(24 Strategies for working with..., n.d.)

To conclude these strategies Which strategies? List them.
need to be considered by ESL teachers. To work with these students Which students? State them.
in a regular classroom is difficult and hard. For this reason, it is essential Remember our list of words to avoid?
for ESL teachers to know how to adress these students. When working with ADHD children remember to Avoid saying, "Remember to..."
keep these strategies already mentioned in mind in order to accomplish your goals as an ESL teacher.

REFERENCES:Avoid writing words in all uppercase lettering.

Rabiner, D. Teacher Knowledgeof ADHD, (2004) Retrieved from

24 Strategies for working with ADHD children, (n.d.) Retrieved from

Mariana Morfin Torres. It's not necessary to include your name here if you have your name listed at the topic of your user page.

Professional background

I have been working with children since I was 16 years old I started to work in a math school.Through the time I could started college at the UAA. I have been working as an English teacher in primary public schools since October, 2010.


Elementary school- Instituto Convención de Aguascalientes (ICA)

Junior Highschool- Escuela Secundaria Técnica No.22.

Highschool- CBTis No.168

College- UAA

My interests

To confer my degree.

To achieve my personal goals.

Action Plan

Write a paragraph about the problem that you wish to focus on for your action research plan.

Teaching Grammar in the classroom is a difficult aspect of language to adequately teach. State the problem in your topic sentence more specifically, avoiding the verb "to be", then create a classification paragraph that aligns to your topic sentence. What is known is that students acquire this skill in different ways depending on their age; for example children learn different than adults. Fist of all children get their first language unconciously and some teachers believe students to learn their second language in the same way.They assume that children absorb grammar rules as they hear, read, and use the language in communication activities.In contrast adults learn grammar in a declarative way, from direct instructions that allow them to apply critical thinking skills to language learning. So,do adults and children need to know how grammar works in their foreign language in order to communicate succesfully?

Finish your essay and I will provide feedback.

How can children with ADHD learn English as a second language?

A problem that English teachers are facing today is having children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) inside the regular classroom. ADHD is one of the most common mental disorders among children.It involves a person who has trouble paying attention and focusing on tasks, tends to act without thinking. So, children with attention deficit disorder can be a challenge for any ESL teacher. What they must do is to know some practical suggestions that can be used in the regular classroom in order to make students with ADHD learn English as a second language.

For ESL teachers MISSING A SUBJECT AND AVOID PRONOUNS IN THE TOPIC SENTENCE. could be a little bit difficult but MISSING SUBJECT. not impossible to work with this kind of students and to make them conscious about their second language (English).The lack of teachers awareness or knowledge to the know-how to manage their ADHD students properly will not let teachers to accomplish their goals. It could show poor academic progress. That is why it is essential for teachers to know their students needs and to know how to address them. MISSING CITATIONS.

First of all, the use of the appropriate strategies and techniques will help the teacher to have a better control of these children. The seating arrangement will be also acquire to involve students into the class trying to make him/her to participate. Finally the material teachers use has to be attractive, colorful in order to motivate the students and to get the students attention and avoid distraction to the students with ADHD.

To conclude, to work with these students in a regular classroom is hard and difficult. Teachers have to be sure and prepared for any kind of situation that can appear. They have to keep in mind that they are teaching and preparing future Mexicans that will be different and English language will be essential for them. Teachers must be conscious about having one or more student with ADHD inside the classroom. Professors have to try their best in order to promote prepared students.

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