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Contact-new.svg mwade zulu
Employer:Abwenzi Women Club
Occupation:psychosocial counsellor
Other roles:volunteer teacher
Country:Zambia ZmFlag.gif
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Today is:t 4, October 2022

about me

  • My names are Mwade Josephine Zulu.
  • Am married and i ave two daughters.
  • I live in Lusaka Zambia. i am a ngoni by tribe.
  • The Ngoni people are known for being fears people who conquered a lot of tribes in 18s.
  • I was born from Mr and Mrs Zulu. My father was a member of parliament in the first republic


  • I am a psychosocial counselor.
  • I like my work because it gives me opportunity to learn about other people,the problems they are going through and how they are striving to get rid of those difficulties.It is wide because i Ive done general counseling.
  • Counseling a couple can be interesting but sometimes it becomes difficult,disappointing and i sometimes i get burn out

Training Expectations

  • I expect to learn and improve my computer skills and teach the youths that i am involved and also teach my fellow women.
  • Then i expect to be empowered with not only knowledge but also with equipment to use as am i will teaching others


  • I like traveling, making friends, studying and when it comes to functions, i like kitchen parties, prayer meetings

and right now i do a lot of voluntary work with Thandizani Community school and the youth group,My work as a volunteer involves teaching basic skills to widows and other vulnerable women.It involves looking for well wishers or de] onors, those who have the heart to improve womens life and the orphans.

  • Therefore,e]

i am appealie] ng to the de] onors or wishers to support in any kind, be it material or finance.I am also personally looking for friends all over the world who share news, culture work experiences. and even visiting each other. my sandbox

e] you can check the zambia government website here

i love my countryzambia my sandbox == about m you can check the zambia government website here

i love my countryzambia my is institution is abwenzi women club we deal with widowss and orphans

inserting images

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