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Gender violence

Welcome to the Gender class.

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By the end of this presentation,participants should:
  • know what Gender violence is all about,
  • the causes,the outcomes and
  • how to prevent it

What is gender violence?

  • is the unfair treatment mostly to women.For examples:
  • Being beaten up by there spouses.
  • Script naked in public places.
  • Being denied food.
  • Denied to mix up with other women.

What are causes of gender violence?

  • Dependant: To those women who just wait for there husbands to look for food,but husband don't earn enough.
  • Illiteracy: Some women are not educated enough to know there rights.
  • Poverty: Levels in some homes are high.
  • Polygamist:Some men tend to have more than one wife and don't need to be controlled.

Products of gender violence

  • Divorce: Many homes are broken.
  • Street kids: Rising in number.
  • Deaths
  • Diseases: High rate of HIV/AIDS pandemic
  • Prostitution


  • Awareness campaign: Theres need for the C.B.O's, N.G.O's and other organizations to sensitize the people.
  • Learn survival skills: People should be self sustainable.
  • Acquire life skills: People should have knowledge on there rights.


So what have we learnt so far?

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I would like to say that this presentation has been helpful and more educating. We hope that this work should continue so that many people can be sensitized


Therefore Abwenzi Women Club is hereby appealing to donors and well wishers to support such programmes,to unable us to continue sensitizing these women in our surrounding areas of Chawama, Johnhoward and Jack.This support could be either in form of finance or material.