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Content coming soon.

Tutorial 2,3 and 4

I am testing this page for bold and for italics.

The use of wikitype for making bold and italics is a little different from the graphic tab.

There is aslo a way to create headings.

Level 1

level 2

level 3

Month= September

Week== One
Day= Monday
Time= Hour

Lists of Wiki Tutorials

  • Section One
  1. Learning to edit a wiki
  2. Editing Tools
  • Section Two
  1. A. Linking Pages
  2. B. Adding Images

Tutorial 5

The first item that I will attempt to do is to create a link for a talk/respond within the wiki. I have copied the code as indicated form the thread.

[ Talk with Majen]

When I had inserted this before it did not work and I cannot understand what it is I am doing incorrectly.

I will be creating an Internal link to a page that I have not made yet called Booklist.

I will now create a new page called Wiki Project. The actual name of the page will be called Project. I will use a piped link format to have the page name as Wiki Project.