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About Me

Presently, I have used wikispaces for creating wikis for student use and for teacher resources. I love to learn as much as I can about a specific topic in which I have an interest. That is one of the reasons why I am taking this class.

Goals for Teaching and Learning

  • Learn to use Web 2.0 tools in the Classroom
  • Have students use wikis and blogs to publish work, to share and to collaborate
  • Learn to edit a wiki
  • Teach these tools to other staff members at the school where I work
  • Share and collaborate with teachers to continue learning
  • Create a wiki on Teacher Resources
  • Incorporate this wiki content into a Second Life project

Sample Wikis for Teaching and Learning

Collaborative Projects

A collaborative project in the virtual world of Second Life on the teen grid. I work with Naomi Malone to establish a global awareness in the TSL virtual community. The goal of this project is to engage the young people there in the Model UN program.

Classes around the globe will connect and communicate by podcasting.


Wiki Project

My Sandbox

My profile

As well as being a teacher, I also give workshops and classes to teachers on using technlogy. I am the Technology Coordinator for the school as well as the History Coordinator.

My interests

I'm interested in:

  • Technology
  • Networking with educators to share educational resources

My Website, blog and contact particulars