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Learning Concepts relevant to Advertising

Selective exposure

Selective exposure is a phenomenon that marketers have to contend with all the time. Consumers will excercise selectivity in various ways, thereby excercising choice over what stimuli would they select for further processing. The selectivity is excercised :

  • by zapping
  • by zipping
  • by turning off pages
  • By tuning out

How do Marketers handle this problem

Marketers try to combat this by

  1. creating differentiation
  2. Introducing surprises
  3. Rewarding viewing
  4. using celebrities

Creating differentiation is the most commonly used strategy of attracting and maintaining viewer attention, differentiation could be in the form of

  1. product or feature differentiation
  2. Copy differentiation( color insertion in a black and white newspaper,black and white ad in a multicolor magazine,all illustration and no copy,starling headline , creative use of space and visuals etc.or in electronic media format and duration differentiation, innovative execution,creative use of music and silence etc.)
  3. Format differentiation
  4. placement differentiation

Creating surprises by incorporating spectacular visuals can have downsides too

  1. it can be expensive
  2. it can actually defeat the purpose-people can remember the visual but forget the product

For example , the picture on the right is used as an image to evoke association with a brand of coffee. Over time people,will retain and remember the spectacular image of the sunrise but forget the coffee brand,so the imagery was successful but the brand association was not and part of the reason was that the visual was so spectacular that it overrode the brand name memory

The issue of Selective Distortion