The issue of Selective Distortion

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Selective Distortion

Marketers also need to contend with the issue of Selective Distortion by Consumers. Consumers distort messages on account of

  1. Halo effect
  2. Role Models
  3. Stereotypes
  4. Previous experiences

Halo Effect occurs when a person using a particular breand in one product category , assumes that the same qualities can be attributed to a different product category by the same brand, even though the corporate competencies involved in the two cases may be vastly different. Let us take the example of the Godrej company ,the major manufacturer of steel cabinets and office furniture. A long time user of the company's products could assume the same qualities of ruggedness and durability to also be associated with the Godrej line of white goods,for instance , refrigerators.

Role Models on the other hand result from the established role models held in consumers minds on the basis of their own cultural upbringing or value systems.Role models regarding child or parental behaviour, authority structures and appropriate organisational behaviour are examples of role models that marketers need to consider while developing communication for specific target audiences

Stereotypes are long held beliefs about objects including products and images.If consumers in a given social setting, have a certain stereotype in their mind about gender,they are likely to distort a marketing communication that is counter to their belief by interpreting it to suit their belief or ignore the communication if it challenges their belief outright

Previous experiences are earlier consumption experiences which affect the viewers perception of a given advertisement.If a person has earlier used a perfume which gave him a delightful consumption experience, he is likely to view a subsequent ad for the same product far more favorably than others as he will add the favorably held perceptual feeling to the new communication. If on the other hand , if you had a particularly bad experience with a shampoo that left your hair dry and tangled, you are likely to view a subsequent ad for the same shampoo, extolling the virtues of the product , with disbelief and disfavour.