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My name is Lorena Velázquez. I am 24 years old and I am from Irapuato, Gto. I have been studying this major for more than 4 years, since I decided that it would be the proper one for me, because I was previously studying Business Communication.

I would like to work as an evaluator of education, mainly because of many reasons that I, as a student, have observed in my own educational development and experiences, on which, the education system, since my point of view, is not the adequate or appropriate for students in order to achieve learning.

I also would like to work as an English teacher for adult people, I also have found that, even when they are the hardest type of students to learn mainly because of the age, they are the most enthusiastic and interested people on learning a second language.

My Educational Philosophy

My educational philosophy in second language teachingis mainly based on the Grammar translation Method, on which explicit grammar is taught. it is important to me, as teacher, to make students manage accurately declarative knowledge in order to create effective procedural knowledge. I also prefer to teach the language separately, that is, one skill at a time, so over the time, integrate all the skills in order to communicate. For example, an ideal ordinate English class for me begins with the presentation of the topic, after students were elecited to review the previous class, continuing with the practice of the presented topic and finally they could demonstrate what they have learnt in the production stage of the class. 

Professional background

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My interests

Action Plan

Communication is the main objective to achieve in Second Language Teaching; however, it cannot be possible without knowing the principles and appropriate usage of the language basis which is Grammar. State the problem in your topic sentence, then create a classification paragraph that aligns to your topic sentence. Most of second language teachers find Grammar unnecessary for students to follow once that the meaning of the message has been understood. But communication might turn difficult to accomplish since the correct use of Grammar is not allowed. Nevertheless a controversy about the importance of communication and Grammar still remains.

Three Paragraph Essay

Written corrective feedback (WCF) helps second language teachers to develop efficiency on students’ writing. Second language learners may not achieve effective communication with others due to the lack of proficiency in writing. Writing does not allow enough flexibility on the interpretation of meaning. In this regard, the accurate application of written corrective feedback on students provides to second language teachers two different alternatives of the teaching-learning process improvement. Direct and indirect corrective feedback differ both from each other, however, the appropriate use of them will develop the improvement of student’s writing.

The two main types of feedback that teachers use in the L2 clasroom helps students to develop the writing skill in different ways. Ferris distinguish both types of feedback. Direct feedback is a technique of correcting students’ error by giving explicit written feedback (Ferris, 2004). On the other hand, Ferris defines indirect feedback as a procedure used when the teacher or tutor alerts students to error using general comments, but gives students the opportunity to fix errors themselves (Ferris, 2004). Furthermore, Frodesen (2001) states that “indirect feedback is generally more useful (and often more desired by students) than direct correction of errors” (p. 246). While indirect feedback offers students more opportunities to students to identify their own errors, direct feedback make students to identify and analyze the aspects to improve in order for them to avoid in future writings.

In conclusion, the appropriate use of written corrective feedback on second language learners will lead students to achieve meaningful written communication with others. Direct and indirect feedback provide two different types of written corrective feedback to students. Teachers apply direct feedback to correct students in an explicit way, that is, direct feedback focuses on assessing structural features of the language. In contrast, indirect feedback let learners realize their own errors. Written Corrective Feedback; thus, conducts students to achieve effective communication in writing.


Ferris, D. (2004). The ‘‘grammar correction’’ debate in L2 writing: Where are we, and where do we go from here? (and what do we do in the meantime . . .?). Journal of second language writing, 13. pp. 49-62.

Frodesen, J. (2001). Grammar in writing. Retrieved from:

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