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My name is Lizeth Palafox, I am in 7th semester in English Language Teaching (ELT). I love my major. When I was a child I wanted to learn another language and I chose English language. So i decided to study this major because of the language, also because I want to know everything about this. The major made me love English   This is your personal user page in WikiEducator. Tell us a little about yourself (and include your name!) ..... be bold and try an edit now by starting to fill out your user page. This is a great way to practice your new wiki skills :-).

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Three-paragraph Essay

Social Interaction among children while learning a second language

How the social interaction affects children's learning a second language? Each child is different from the other, they have different ideas, different interests, different ways to learn, and different ways to perform their learning. But knowing how the social interaction affects the children’ learning and performance while learning a second language is useful for the teacher in order to help the students. According to Piaget, the social interaction among children in a classroom helps students to put off centre (to keep away their selfish). In this way the child has to compromise oneself in order to accept the others’ ideas. Where is your thesis statement?

Having the students get social interaction Awkward. in a classroom, makes the decisions more appropriate for the teachers’ expectations. Vigotsky Spell check. (1996) Every clause must have a subject and predicate. You are missing a verb in this sentence."Children work better in teams than alone, their own develpment spell check gets better" (p.192).In other words Missing a comma. when the students work together their development is more attractive and meaningful in the classroom than working alone. But that could be a problem while working students together, due to they could not accept other’s ideas, and this could be big troubles in the relationship Awkward.. To avoid this trouble Awkward. the teacher has to teach some strategies for students accept classmates’ ideas. In contrast to Piaget(1996)"The need to defend Students' ideas reinforce their logical thought" (p.193). Piaget refers to an autonomy thought when someone defends itself ideas. Make sure to follow the MEAL plan. You need more analysis and link.

Even if the students have different ideas, and different conclusions for a certain activity is very important to work in teams and to get the right answer or the perfect performance in an activity. Because in a big society students will always challenge these kind of situations, which they have to solve as better as possible in a classroom, in a job or the family a problem or situation.


Tryphon, A. & Vonèche, J.(1996)," Piaget- Vygotsky: the Social Genesis of Thought". London: Psychology Press.

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My educational bibliography is to speak in English in my whole class, and use as much mimic as possibvle to make students understand the activities and explanations. Even If my students are in basic level or Advanced level. I enjoy that part of teaching, because I can create many ways to explain the words, then I make the classes funnier and more interesting. To speak in English during my class, make students to pay more attention and try to use the langue in the classes. My students like that because I create a good environment with different material into the class, in order to make more attractive and meaningful the explanations and instructions. To speak in English is one of my favorite part in teaching because, it can be fun, innovating and creative, well that depends on me.