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As for content resource I am planning to develop/share, I'm not quite sure yet, depending interest there are several possibilities among which;

  • Share my Introductory course to Linux (although there is much available online already)
  • Introduction to setting up free webhosting accounts and domains + installing free open source CMS's (Content Management Systems) like Wiki, Joomla, Wordpress, Blogs and Fora.
  • Helping others with their projects, doing web research, uploading media (have made start here ) and/or translation work from English and French into Dutch (have made start here ).

Appreciate any and all feedback, ideas or requests on these matters from all of you. Leave note here, if you think I can assist you in your project.


Oliver, I noticed your user page and your plans to add your Intro to Linux tutorial awhile ago and I've been waiting to see you back online. Welcome back! Sometime earlier this month, a few of us decided to create a resource called Open Computing to pull together the various content on WE and to organize further development of learning resources related to open software. The idea I've been pursuing is to have a main page listing usable content and then a project planning section for development work. Please consider joining our project -- in fact I've already included your Intro to Linux main page in the development area <smile>. Also, we have a google group to facilitate conversations:, please join us.

Your Wikineighbor,

--Alison Snieckus 19:56, 24 April 2009 (UTC)



(Comment.gif: Well done, Oliver. --Nellie Deutsch 20:14, 26 March 2009 (UTC))


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