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class vii
sub: physics


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The objectives of the study are:
  • To be able to give the correct relation b/w speed, distance and time
  • To be able to convert one unit into the other
  • To be able to work out numericals based on the above

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Answer the following questions

  1. Which of the following can cover more distance in the same time?

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Choose the correct option

What is the relation b/w Speed, distance and time?

1. Speed= Distance/Time

2. Distance= Speed/Time

3. Time = Speed/Distance

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Answer the following

What are the S.I. Units for Speed, Distance and Time?

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Convert as instructed

1.250 m to Km

2.1500m to Km

3.3750m TO Km

4.!8 sec

5.720 Sec

6.3600 Sec

7.200 m/s to Km/hr

8.50 m/s to Km/hr

9.540 Km/hr to m/sec

10.14 Km/hr to m/s

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Calculate the following

What is the Speed of Rohan with which he reaches,

  • the class from basket ball court, if he takes 10 min to cover a distance of 300m?
  • the canteen from class room, if he covers 50m in 5 sec. ?
  • the Library from the Language room, if the distance b/w them is 150 m and he takes 5 min. ? Sriram school


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