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The Lamee

--Lamee 13:53, 27 July 2010 (UTC)


This is an interesting adventure. It is the best way for people to share important stuff.


A paper yet to present at IFLA satelite conference on 6th August 2010



Academic and Research libraries in Ghana have difficulty accessing research work done in their institutions and in Ghana as a whole. This is a challenge in supporting teaching, learning, research, and knowledge dissemination. Therefore, an alternative solution can be to enhance the Open Access Institutional repositories OA- IR.. The facility is currently new in Ghana with only one university hosting it. This article provides an overview of the establishment of OA- IRs in Ghana, the challenges and making a case for key decision makers to consider ways in setting up and enhancing their institutional repositories.

There is therefore some challenges in pushing for its establishment. For instance, Asamoah-Hassan (2009) argues that

  1. It is difficult convincing university management, researchers and academics that it is necessary to have IR and so agree and plan to support it on long term basis.
  2. Funding to start and to sustain the IR and Interruptible electricity supply is a major issue
  3. And also permissions for licensing and copyright issues and resistance from computer phobia of some faculty and researchers.

Keywords: intellectual output, digital archiving, open access, publishing, information professionals, Ghana, institutional repository.