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Kylie Walters


This is about my journey learning to use WikiEducator.


Kylie says your turn:

This is where you have your turn at practising the ideas you have learnt! 

My own website is Kylie but I am learning to use this Wiki on The largest wiki training program in the world.

This is a link to My Book Page.

Here is a link to OneNote from Wikipedia.

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I inserted this internal picture called Message_pad.jpg from WikiEducator.

This image was then formatted with a frame.

And I inserted this image called Flutuantes._Pintura_de_Paulo_Cesar.JPG from Mediawiki.

This image was then formatted as a thumbnail.

File:Flutuantes. Pintura de Paulo Cesar.JPG

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The object of any of my courses is:

* to learn at least one thing
* to be more confident in your own skills
* have heaps of fun!


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Web Resources

This is a resource that I created to teach the topic of sexual consent to high school students during a Personal Development class.

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Tip: This was designed to be used for Year 9 students with written parental consent

And this is a link to my new subpage called My Thoughts.

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