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Explore the Bacteria Structure simulation (below) for several minutes:
  • Move the magnifying glass around
  • Change the magnifying glass
  • Change the magnification
  • Explore the all parts of the cells
  • Click the left mouse button to magnify, click it again to return to normal view.

When you have finished exploring try the multichoice question. Once you have completed the multichoice question try one of the main activities (self-guided, guided, or group).


Now that you have spent several minutes familiarizing yourself with the simulation, complete the following multi-choice question. Feel free to use the simulation to help you answer the question.

Free Body Diagrams

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Free Body Diagrams

While you were exploring you may have noticed the yellow banded structure in the central region of the bacteria cells. If not you may want to go back and explore. What type of cell best represents the bacteria cell?

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Main Activity

There are three ways to complete the Bacterial Cell Structure activity. Click on the highlighted link below that is the closest match for your situation.

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Self-guided Activity
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Guided Activity
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Group Activity

Comfortable with the simulation Uncomfortable with the simulation Sharing a computer
Answered the multi-choice question correctly Experienced difficulties with the multi-choice question Working in a Team
Already have a hypothesis Not sure of a hypothesis
Ready for a challenge Ready for small steps