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Presentation Skills

Objectives:*To orient students to presenting their ideas effectively</u

<u>To develop communication skills among them To teach them the three Ps of presentation-Planning, Preparation and Practice Presentation Skills “ It’s your presentation ,but it’s all about them”-Ran Hoff Speak convincingly and confidently. Public speaking should have a purpose. The purpose decides the response. Response from the audience helps you Select better ideas Organizational patterns The language The delivery methods</u

Purpose of your Speech There are three general speech purposes. To inform ,persuade and entertain. Be clear about your purpose. Purpose gives your presentation direction. Each bit of the material should contribute to the purpose. Specific purpose is the exact nature of response you want from your audience. If the general purpose is to inform the specific purpose could be to understand and create awareness. If the general purpose is to persuade, the specific purpose could be to get something done. If the general purpose is to entertain the specific purpose is to laugh, humor, etc. Write your specific purpose and organize matter directly related to your specific purpose. Various ways of organizing the message - Prepare the core statement. Prepare main and sub points and add observations and experiences. Divide the material into introduction body and conclusion. 

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