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About me

My name is Kilwake. I live in a small town called Kakamega in Western Kenya. Kakamega town borders Kakamega forest, which is an equatorial rain forest that is part of the rain forest extending across much of central Africa including the Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) and Uganda. Kakamega is hot and green throughout the year. I am married to Rose with whom we have five children namely Fede, who is 9 years old, Hope and Love are 6 year old twins, Abraham is 5 years and Adam is 2 year old. Fede, Hope, Love, and Abraham go to school while Adam keeps mom company at home. File:My Picture


I teach at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology which is a public University with a population of about 7000 students. I belong to the department of Computer Science where I teach the following courses in addition to being head of the department.

  • Algorithms,
  • Data structures,
  • Object Oriented Programming in Java,
  • Computer Networks and
  • Computer Security.

I am a graduate of the University of Rome, Italy, in Computer engineering and University of Nairobi, Kenya, in Electrical engineering. I am passionate about teaching and enjoy the challenge of making difficult concepts understandable to my students. I have been working here for over three years. Prior to that I worked for the DOD in Nairobi Message pad with pen.jpg