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My name is Jorge, I’m 25 years old and I’m studying a BA in English Language Teaching.

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Action Plan


Have you ever get confused with the instructions of a teacher? One of the most common problems while giving English classes; in which most of the teachers are involved is giving instructions because it could make a bit confusing the activity or in the worst cases could delay the whole activity.

Instructions could be very annoying for students and also for teachers, sometimes we as teachers give instructions with many words and that is not good for students because could confuse during the activity, so to avoid confusion teachers should apply the use of key words or very short sentences to make the instructions easy to understand. The use of gestures will make easy the giving of instructions in each step because language is more easily understood in context. Bradshaw, C. English Teaching Professional, (2005)

To sum up and help to solve the problem in classrooms, the strategies to follow in class instructions will be very helpful, and will provide a more efficient learning in students because students (more specifically, young learners) have more problems to retain certain words. This situation that some teacher presents in classes must be inexistent in classes, learning should be smooth and effective and with these strategies there cannot be any problem.

George, see the requirements for this essay, mainly how many sentences you need for each paragraph, citations required, and references at the end. If you have questions, see me. --Bnleez 19:11, 6 September 2011 (UTC)

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My sandbox

Action Plan

The reason for this project is to make students who have problems writing tasks, be more effective by using a directed instruction. Here in Mexico could be the same problem so to erase this problem from the classrooms; it could be at least kind of complex to check if students have the problem but, to be more specific the research could be done in the university with the ELT students.

To achieve the goal, it is necessary to make some evaluations to the students as well as the teachers of ELT in the UAA, then make some exercises to students and after that, apply a final evaluation of the measure of the problematic with students and how the situation was treated

REFERENCES: Viel-Ruma, K. Houchins, D. Jolivette, K. Fredrick, L. and Gama, R. (2010) Direct Instruction in Written Expression: The Effects on English Speakers and English Language Learners with Disabilities