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Employer:Ort Gutman High School
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About Me

My name is Keren Diamant. I was born in Israel in the city Ramat-Gan, a year after my birth we moved to Netanya. When I was four years old my family (mom, dad my little brother and I) moved from israel to Brasil. My father was born there but I had never been there before. I went to a Jewish school named I.L. Peretz, I met new friends and the most dificult thing was to learn a new language ( Portugess and Spanish). In adittion, I had the oportunity to meet my family, whom lived there, for the first time in my life!!! after 3 years we came back to Israel and I started my first grade at school, in Netanya.

Right now, I'm in the 12th grade and i'm almost 18 years old. I study at Ort-Guttman high school, Biotechnology and Biology. My passion is playing guitar and singing even though I don't have much time for it. However, when I have free time I like to spend it on playing guitar or in writing. Aditionaly, I like to go out with friends and have fun!!!

In the future I would like to do everything I could be able to do! I would like to travel and get to know new places around the world, get to know new people, new cultures etc`. Furthermore, I want to study Veterinary medicine or Psychology and simultaneously I would like to prgress and improve my music side.


playing guitar, singing,writing, composing, going out with friends, talking :]], hanging up with friends and family.





(Comment.gif: Record your project today!! Here is the information on how to do it.--Warm wishes, Nellie Deutsch 11:59, 26 December 2008 (UTC) )


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