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High holidays

Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashana is the first holiday which the Jewish celebrate in the year. It defines the begining of the Jewish calendar (Tishrei). In Rosh Hashana it is acceptable to go to the Synagogue to see the blowing of the shofar, eat apple with honey and meet all the family and friends with a big dinner.

In my family we celebrate the holiday with a big dinner with all the family. Every year we invite some friends which don't have where to celebrate the holiday because their family live abroad. In adittion, sometimes we recieve at the holiday our family from Brasil, Uruguay and Brasil. We start the gathering with a drink (mostly wine and grape juice for the children), and then we eat apple with honey and honey cake. Afterward my granparents and uncles give us our presents. when they finish all the grandsons, uncles and my parents give for my grandparents their present. Then we start with the dinner:Typical food such as: stuffed fish (gefilte fish), desserts etc`.

I like to celebrate this holiday because it determine the start of the year. we have the time to think about the past year, to see if we achieve our targets and we can make new targets for the new year. Adittionaly, I like this holiday because I meet all my family, we sit together and celebrate, we talk, we laugh and it's fun.

Yom Kippur



my three wishes

My three wishes:

The purpose of this essay is to present my wishes for the future. Like any child in the world I had many wishes, so many, that I even can't remember all of them. But as I grew up I thought about a few wishes on the subjects of: career, family and happiness & health.

Since I was a child I wanted to be a vet. When my mom asked me "what do you want to be in the future?" I always answered "I want to be a vet" and I was sure that it's the best profession I could wish for. But this year my wish changed, I'm not so sure I want to be a vet. Now I think I would prefer to work as a psychologist. I like the subject and it's really looks interesting. So, my first wish is to be a psychologist.

My second wish is to have a family, to get married, have children. I wish all my family would be together, like now, with new kids and new people in the family. In addition I wish my family from Brasil would have the possibility to visit Israel often. So, my second wish is to have my own family and being with my whole family.

My last wish is to be happy in my life and that my family would be happy. I think it's the most important wish because without happiness nobody can live a good life. In addition with the happiness I wish my whole family would be healthy. So, my third wish is happiness and health.

In conclusion, I can write thousands of wishes about me and my family. But definitely those are the best wishes I could wish for.

A speech about myself

My name is Keren Diamant. I'm 18 years old; I live in Israel and study in Ort-Guttman high school. I study Biotechnology and I like it, it's very interesting. I like to spend my free time singing and playing guitar, it's My passion even though I don't have much time for it. However, when I have free time I like to spend it singing or composing. When I was four years old I moved with my family (my mom& dad, my little brother and I) to Brasil. Living there was one of the best experiences I ever had. I went to a Jewish school named I.L. Peretz, I met my family from there, and I met new friends whom I'm in contact with until now and I learned a new idiom- Portuguese. I also gain another language – Spanish because it's similar to the Portuguese and I think it's excellent that I know a few langueges. agter three years we came back from Brasil to Israel and I started my first grade at school, in Netanya. I remember that I was very excited to come back to Israel, but I was so sad too because I had to live all my friends there, friends whom I grow up with. It was so difficult. In the future I would like to improve my musical qualifications, and perhaps even make it a profession because I really like to sing, write and compose music. In addition I'd like to study psychology. Likewise, I want to visit many countries around the world.

Earthquakes, Tsunami's and animals

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and animals:

After an earthquake or tsunami we always hear that the animals on the effected zone disappeared, right before of the event. Some people say that it's a coincidence and some people say that it's their intuition, that they can sense the danger. But the question is: Do the animals really feel the danger??

Earthquakes are a geologic natural phenomenon that can't be predicted on the long distance. When occurs an earthquake the connections between tectonic tablets move and the ground move for a while (a minute or more). Typical manifestations of earthquakes are collapse of structures and bridges and also intense sea waves- which can cause a tsunami.

There are people whom say that the best way to predict the earth movements is to follow the animals' behavior and that's why? Because some scientists say due to researches they did that animals feel the earth movements and run away from the effected zone. For example, the findings from the tsunami in Thailand were that nearly none of the animals in there died.

Likewise, there is other ways to predict earthquakes such as: The algorithm device. The algorithm device can predict earthquakes. It observes earth movements in small size for being an indicator to fatal earthquakes. In this way we can predict earth movements in a human way with the help of the since. But it's the right thing to do? Trusting only the human "intuition"?

To conclude, there is many ways to predict the earth movements although sometimes it doesn't works. But I believe that if we'll try to listen the animals, but listen carefully, and if we'll trust them and understand them it will be the best way to predict those movements.

Places of birth between siblings

Have you ever thought about your position in the family? Does it influence relationship between siblings? There are many people who feel a different between their places to their brother's place. In my composition I will talk about those questions in my point of view and I'll explain if there is any different in my family.

I don’t have many brothers. It's only my brother Shai and who has 15 years old and I (18 years old). I am the oldest in my family. Although sometimes I feel like the youngest; Once in a while I like to act like a baby. But, I like it. I think it's important to be a "baby" sometimes and not to lose our childhood.

In addition, I have I have an excellent relationship with my parents (both of them). My father sometimes acts like a baby too, so we do many things together; we laugh and I enjoy being with him very much. With my mom, I talk about everything; I think there is nothing she doesn't know about me. We go shopping together, we talk and so forth. But generally, I have a great time with both of them.

Likewise, I don't think that there are any different between my places in family to my brother's place. My parents are always there for us, helping and caring. They know how to deal with each one of us, but there is no different at all.

To conclude, family is one of the most important things in the world. I'm so grateful that I was born to this family.

Comparing driving test to English exam (bagrut)

Most of us never stopped to think about what we feel when we do a driving test and what we feel when we do a bagrut exam in English. Do we feel the same feelings? Do we do the same mistakes? Despite the fact that one is totally different from the other, there are some common things between them. In my composition I will compare between driving test to English bagrut exam. Likewise I will try to find solutions for feelings such as stress which come up on driving test or English exam.

During the driving classes we can't wait for the driving test. Sometimes we end the number of lessons that we must do and we want to do the test but the teacher say: "No, we should do more lessons until you do the test", and we get so angry but we can't do anything. And then the driving test come and we get so stressed, our whole body shakes and we get paralyzed and that cause us making mistakes. English bagrut exam is just like driving test. I guess non of us wait for the bagrut exam but we defiantly get stressed and our mind get paralyzed by that stress.

To be continued…

My room at its worst

In my composition, I will talk about my room at its worst. When I think about other people's room I always imagine it as an organized room, beautiful and clean. But my room doesn't get closer to be a perfect and organized room.

I always wanted my room to be clean and organized but it's just hard to keep it that way. In my room all the clothes are outside the of the closet. Even when I try to organize it, one second later I've got all the clothes outside again. Likewise, my desktop is always full of things such as: papers, homework, and cellular, make up and so forth.

In addition, I have a problem with cleaning up the room, I hate it so much and I always find excuses to postpone it. If you'll come to my house you'll always hear my mom yelling "Keren, clean up your room!! NOW!!!" but of course it doesn't help. I think soon she'll give up.

In conclusion, I'm a person who doesn't know to keep his room clean and organized. It will always be at its worst. Likewise, I have to try organizing it because it will be much more comfortable for me, my friends and my family.

How to prepare and succeed in the oral bagrut exam

We always try to find ways to prepare for the oral bagrut exam. Well, there are many ways to do that. In this composition I will write about how you can prepare to the oral bagrut exam.

First of all, you must be relaxed. If you'll come stressed you won't succeed. The best way to do that is going to sleep early the night before. Likewise, before the bagrut you should eat a good meal. Secondly, you should practice and remember what you are going to say about the project.

In addition, don't show that you don’t understand what the tester says, ask for him to repeat the question. Moreover, do not speak in Hebrew at all!!!!!!!!! Furthermore, you should always be polite and smile to the tester- that's really important.

In conclusion, if you follow those instructions you won't fail, remember to smile! Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!