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Handbook for middle school Technology teachers


Wismut Kristall und 1cm3 Wuerfel.jpg 


New Project

Theory of Measurements

  1. Introduction
  2. Possible error and precision
  3. Relative error and accuracy
  4. Significanr digits
  5. Dropping of a nonsignificant digits
  6. Rounding of numbers
  7. Rounding error
  8. Absolute and relative errors

1. Introduction

To quantify physical quantities, scientists use various devices and thereby quantify physical quantities. However, no physical measurement is ever exact. The accuracy of measurement is limited by the degree of refinement of the instrument and by the skill of the observer.But even with highly skilled observer using most refined instrument, the measurement made will not be exact in absolute sense. This is due to the fact that every observation in a measurement is the outcome of human judgement and it can never be a subject of mathematical exactness. Normally we express these measurements as approximate numbers. We distinguish two measurements 3.2 cm and 3.20 cm. These are the results of measurements using different devices. Secondly, while doing computations with such numbers special care is required. The ratio 32.1 / 12 is expressed as 2.7 and not as 2.68 or 2.675. The number os digits used in measurement have some significance regarding the quality of the measuring instruments.

2. Possible error and precision

This will help you while learning wiki

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