Handbook for Technology Teachers

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A Handbook of Free / Opensource resource for Middle school Technology teachers.


Purpose of this Handbook

 This handbook is written with the hope that over time, with the addition of more and more useful information by the community, middle school Technology teachers will find this as a useful resource for preparing for their classes.


Useful software downloads

  • Sourceforge is a very good resource for open source projects. 
  • Opensourcewindows - This website contains a collection of free and opensource software for Windows platform. 
  • osload - This website contains links to a huge number of opensource downloads.
  • k12opensource.org is a site which promotes Free and Open source Software in Education. 

Lesson plan ideas and resources


Web 2.0 resources


Various curriculum standards

  • International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) NETS standards[[1]]
  • Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks[[2]]
  • UTAH Education Network[[3]]
  • New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Technology[[4]]
  • Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks[[5]]

Newbie Corner


Recommended resources

  • *