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  • Type information about yourself;
  • Name: Kazanka Comfort
  • Address: No 1 Fantsuam Close Bayan - loco Kafanchan Nigeria
  • Email:
  • Organization: Fantsuam Foundation


Brief Description about yourself; I am the General Secretary of the Fantsuam Foundation. The organization facilitates access to microfinance and ICT as tools for the alleviation of poverty among rural women in Nigeria. I work closely with the national Chairman to monitor our projects, providing the professional and logistic and support they need. The organisation has a crop of volunteers; it is my duty to recruit and support them in their various capacities.

I teach basic computer skills to girls and women at the Bayanloco Community Learning Centre, and this initiative was awarded the first Hafkin Africa Prize ( 2001.

This aspect of my work is of special interest to me because it provides me a forum to meet with women and girls to promote their access to relevant health, economic and educational information. I am particularly keen on promoting accessibility and availability of relevant information, for women’s daily lives in rural communities. This has led our organization to explore partnerships that will facilitate a broad spectrum of affordable low-tech ICT facilities. We are members of the Association for Progressive Communication and African Stakeholders Network of the United Nations ICT Task Force.

I am a trained lawyer and teacher who joined the NGO work 6 years ago. I have found satisfaction in working in the Northern part of Nigeria with the rural communities. And my duties are mainly to surpervise and coordinate the daily operations of staff. To ensure the organizational projects are properly implemented. I am answerable to the program director whom I report to monthly and quarterly.


Brief Description about your organization; My organization Fantsuam Foundation works with rural communities to fight poverty. And we use ICT and Microfinance as tools to fight poverty. But at the moment the organization has 4 broad programme areas which we wish to concentrate on for the next 3years based on the last strategic plan we had. These areas include; Health, Sustainable Livelihood, Volunteering and HIV/AIDs. The oraganization has it's vision, mission and values clearly stated in the strategic plan.Every staff in my organization by the end of each month is made to recite the vision, mission and statement. [fantsuam]

attended wireless training in India


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Examine animal breeding activities at a farm,

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Case Study
a case study of dairy cattle breeding, cash study of cassava processing, Rice processing

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terminologies related to animal breeding, livestock,cattle rearing, poultry, fish farming

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Discuss current issues in animal breeding, current issues on politics, Educational issues, health issues

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posters; photos!, flyers, brochures,Newspapers, magazines, Newsletter

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Experts in design of breeding programmes produced

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