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Name : ASSIROU Kassim Kouadio
Address : 28 BP 988 Abidjan 28 Cote d'Ivoire
Phone Number : +225 07887683
E-mail :
Organisations : AI3L - Association Ivoirienne Linux et Logiciels Libres
NGO Women & ICT

My Organisation

Brief Description of AI3L :

AI3L is a nonlucrative association which goals is to promote the use of free sofwares in ICT programms for developpment, education, health, public administration...

Free Softwares constitute an opportunity for ICT popularization. Indeed Free Softwares are more used on the World Network of the computers than the other operating systems.

Our association fights so that african people adopt free software as a development tool.

AI3L carries out many activities in the world of education by creating and animating students associations, conferences, workshops, tutorials, demos, exposures...

AI3L Logo
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About my skills and activities

This is my photo
I come from Cote d'Ivoire and I'm the Vice-President of the local FOSS association named AI3L (Association Ivoirienne pour Linux et Logiciels Libres). I'm the person in charge of Education within the NGO "Women & ICT" created in Cote d'Ivoire by Miss Christelle N'CHO at november 2006.

I also work as ICT and OSS teacher/consultant for some universities and smalls companies during my spare times. My fields of intervention cover systems administration, networking, security and ToIP/VoIP.

I am a qualified engineer in data networks and telecommunications having competences in the following fields :
  • Operating Systems (Linux, Unix, WIndows)
  • Networking (TCP/IP architecture, routers configuration)
  • Switching (Ethernet, Bridge, VLAN)
  • Telecom (SONET/SDH, WDM, X25, ATM, MPLS,TCP/IP, xDSL, WLAN 802.11)
  • VoIP and ToIP
  • Firewall & Security
  • Programing Tools (DHTML, Javascript, PHP/MySQL, Perl)

AI3L Members List

Surname Firstname E-mail Contacts
1 ASSIROU Kassim +225 07887683
2 AHISSI Jean-François +225 07887683
3 KOUAME Charles +225 20333271
4 KOUASSI Jerome +225 20333270
5 YAPI Patrick +225 07832383

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