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Contact-new.svg Karen Ferreira-Meyers
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Employer:University of Swaziland
Occupation:Lecturer and Head of Department of Modern Languages
Languages:French, Flemish, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, siSwati

My Profile

Professional Background

Previous employment:

1990/1993 High School Teacher (French) with VVOB (Flemish Aid Organization), St. Mark’s High School, Mbabane, Swaziland.

Present position: (since 20/09/93)

Lecturer in French Language and Literature, Modern Languages: French, University of Swaziland. Since 2008: Lecturer above the bar (promotion)

1. Courseware development for French as a Foreign Language with the Institute of Distance Education 2. Head of Department (since November 1998) 3. Secretary and member of the FoHSPC (Faculty of Humanities Strategic Planning Committee) (since 1998), Secretary and member of Executive Committee and Planning Committee of the Faculty of Humanities (since 1998) 4. Representative to the Institute of Distance Education Faculty Board.

5. Faculty Representative to the Faculty of Commerce (until January 1999) 6. SCAS Committee member (2001-2003) 7. Custodian of the Language Laboratory (since 1999) 8. Departmental Representative to the Humanities Faculty Research Committee (since 2002) 9. Faculty Representative to the Faculty Board of the Institute of Distance Education (since January 2007) 10. Representative to the Handbook Committee of the Faculty of Humanities (since January 2007) 11. Member of the Faculty of Humanities Committee on the Review of the UNISWA Act and Statures (since October 2008)


1984/1988 Master of Arts in Romance Languages and Philosophy, VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium) (distinction) 1987/1988 Teacher’s Certificate High School and four-year College Level (PGCE), VUB, Brussels. 1988/1989 Post-Graduate Certificate in Spanish Language and Literature, VUB, Brussels. 1988/1990 Master of Business Administration, VUB (2nd year not completed), Brussels. 1996/1999 Portuguese, BA Level, University of South Africa 1997/1999 Post-Graduate Diploma in Translation (French-English-French), University of South Africa (distinction) 1997/1998 Evening course in siSwati, Alliance Française, Mbabane. 1998 Upgrading and Repairing PC’s, Certificate, Damelin, Mbabane (March-July). 1998/1999 Diploma in Hardware, Damelin, Mbabane (November-February)(highest distinction). 1998/2001 Diploma in Law, IDE, University of Swaziland (distinction) 1999/2001 MA in Linguistics, University of Stellenbosch (average of 71%) 2000/2002 BA Honours in Portuguese, University of South Africa (average of 65%) Thesis on lusophone angolan literature (Pepetela). 2003/2005 LLB degree (University of South Africa) 2007 LLM degree (University of South Africa)

I am currently registered to study towards a doctorate degree in French Literature with the University of KwaZulu-Natal (director of thesis: Prof. B. De Meyer). My field of study is a comparative analysis of Francophone African and European ‘autofictional’ works written by female authors born after 1960.

My Interests

My professional interests are as follows: Comparative Syntax of French, Portuguese, siSwati and English; Vocabulary and Terminology; Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching; Linguistics: Semantics, Pragmatics, Socio- and Psycholinguistics (language policy issues), Translation and Interpretation, XXth and XXIst century Francophone literature. Teacher training; content of DELF and DALF examinations; use of Internet in teaching and learning. Autofictional/autobiographical writing.

On a more personal level I love to watch movies, socialize, go out and meet people, look after my family, laugh, read and reflect about life.




My Projects

I have published the following papers: 2009 FERREIRA-MEYERS, K. Topoi in Alain Mabanckou's oeuvre: Witchcraft, Fables and Tradition, in Myth and science: The Representation of the Witchdoctor, Sage and Magician in Literature, Arts, Science and Society, Conference Proceedings, 2009, pp. 49-56.

2009 FERREIRA-MEYERS, K. Autofictional Themes, Practices and Strategies in view of the Construction of Intercultural Values at the University of Swaziland, in Lwati, A Journal of Contemporary Research, Vol. 6 (2), December 2009, pp. 161-170.

2009 FERREIRA-MEYERS, K. Maigret en Afrique Le genre policier dans la littérature africaine contemporaine, in De Meyer, B. and ten Kortenaar, N., The Changing Face of African Literature / Les nouveaux visages de la littérature africaine, Rodopi: Amsterdam/New York, NY 2009. XXII, 216 pp. (Cross/Cultures 104), ISBN: 978-90-420-2580-6, pp. 43-60.

2009 FERREIRA-MEYERS, K., L'aventure du genre littéraire de l'autofiction: de la théorie doubrovskienne à la littérature féminine du XXIème siècle,, published 2 February 2009.

2008 FERREIRA-MEYERS, K., Autofiction, problème de définition ou problème de légitimité d'un genre?, in French Studies in Southern Africa. Etudes françaises en Afrique australe, N° 38, 2008, South Africa, ISSN 0259-0247, pp. 63-78.

2008 FERREIRA-MEYERS, K., Writing of Mythical Proportions: Myths and Intertextuality Revisited in Amélie Nothomb's oeuvre, in Lwati, A Journal of Contemporary Research, Vol. 5, June 2008, Swaziland, ISSN 1813-2227, pp. 204-214.

2008 FERREIRA-MEYERS, K., Témoignage sur les identités francophones, in Synergies Monde, revue du GERFLINT, numéro 5, 2008, ISSN 1951-6908, pp. 192-193.

2007 FERREIRA-MEYERS, K., Paralittérature pré-coloniale. Littérature post et post-post-coloniale?, in Littératures africaines au XXIe siècle – Sortir du postcolonial?, Editions du Tell, Algérie, ISBN 978-9961-773-42-0, pp. 177-186.

2007 DE MEYER, B. & MEYERS-FERREIRA, K., La tentation du féminin dans le roman noir africain francophone, in Francofonía, n. 16: Le polar francophone, Universidade de Cádiz, ISSN 1132-3310, pp. 81-94.

2007 FERREIRA-MEYERS, K., Learning French in Modern Universities: What will the future bring?, in Occasional Papers in Theology and Religion, Vol. 2, Number 4, 2007: Relevance of the Humanities in Boleswa Countries, Botswana: University of Botswana, ISSN 1818-3816, pp. 101-108.

For 2009, my projects include the publication of other papers and of a chapter in a book. I will continue to participate in conferences and present my research findings.

Another interesting project is the Certificate in Portuguese offered by the Institute of Distance Education of the University of Swaziland.

My Sandbox

My sandbox

My Reflection

Feedback & Notes from my WikiNeighbours

(Comment.gif: Great Karen keep going if you need any help just ask me warm wishes Rima 11:51, 27 August 2009 (UTC)) (Comment.gif: Hi Karen, great start. If you apply the skills learned in tutorials 1-5, I could certify you (bold, italic, indents, bullets etc). Warm wishes--Patricia 17:36, 4 September 2009 (UTC))


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