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Self instructional Learning materials

Study material is sent to all enrolled learners from the Material Distribution Division, IGNOU, New Delhi. If you have not received the material you must contact the Registrar, Material Production and Distribution Division, IGNOU, New Delhi, 110068. Study material will be sent to the learner by speed post parcel. Most of IGNOU's study material has been uploaded onto eGyankosh which is a National Repository to store, index, preserve, distribute and share the digital learning resources developed by the Open and Distance Learning Institutions in the country.  Items in eGyanKosh are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved by IGNOU, unless otherwise indicated. To access the items in repository registration is required. Registration is free.

The study material has been especially prepared keeping you in mind and it is easy to go through if you follow the instructions therein. Each Programmes is divided into Courses and each course is further divided into Blocks. A Block is usually one booklet and is further divided into Units. The learning material is highly structured making it easy for you to understand and find what you need to. Each Unit has clearly laid down objectives. A Unit is further divided into Sections and sub-sections. There are inbuilt self check exercises within the study material which gives you time to stop and ponder over what you have learnt. You can bring your own experiences and blend it into what is given in your learning material. This will help you to understand the subject better and help you learn more. Do make maximum use of the broad side margins on either side of the text in your study material to take notes and make your own remarks. This will help you identify and raise issues at the counseling sessions. Do complete any in text or end of text exercises that are given and also try to access the suggested readings or further readings which are given. They will help you to further your interest in the topic/subject. The text has several access devices and you can quickly find out what you are looking for. After you have studied a unit, read through the objectives and try to check whether they have been achieved in your case. The glossary will help you understand the difficult terms that may have been used in the text and you will get familiar with the use of technical terms. Although it is beneficial to move through your study material in a chronological manner, you can always read and study the part which you find easy and familiar and re-read several times the part that you may find a little difficult or unfamiliar. Revising is the best way to learn.