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Know your Study Centre

After you apply for admission to IGNOU online and your application form has been scrutinized and found to be correct, you will receive intimation by mail which will mention your Programme Code and Enrolment number. It will also indicate the study centre to which you have been allotted. It also tells you the optional/elective courses for which you have been registered. Your name, address, and the programme for which you have been enrolled and the details of fee paid are mentioned herein. Please check all the details carefully and if there is any discrepancy you must bring it to notice immediately. This will enable rectification to be done within reasonable time and you can avoid any problems which can arise later on. The attested Identity Card will be sent you after you have been admitted and all admissions have been closed.

The next step is to await an sms on your mobile number from your study centre. They will invite you to attend an induction meeting. Here you will be given further instructions and will also get a chance to meet other learners, the study centre staff and the academic counselors. The schedule for counseling will be distributed or it may be sent to you by post.

You may be proactive and visit your study centre in person to become familiar with the institution and the staff. Find out the proposed date of induction meeting. Also get to know the study centre timing and any rules and regulations. See where the Notice Board is displayed and take care to read the notice board for any latest information at regular frequent intervals. The study centre is open on Sundays and it will be possible to visit without much difficulty.

Do attend the induction meeting without fail. You will not feel so isolated after this as you will be able to meet other peers and you will also be given instructions about how to study in an open and distance learning institution.

A Programme Study centre is established for those programmes which have a strong practical base, like Computers, Health Sciences, Education, Engineering and others. All practical components are compulsory. A Regular Study Centre is activated for many programmes mainly theoretical in nature. Theory Counselling sessions are usually not mandatory but learners are encouraged to attend them and derive benefit. All assignments must be submitted to your Study Centre only for evaluation.

In case you feel the need to contact someone for assistance and do not know whom to approach, please contact the Asst. Regional Directors or the Regional Director at the Regional Centre office.