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MOUNT PLEASANT OER Experience By Mary Goretti Kariaga

Lesson Growing Ganoderma mushrooms

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By the end of this lesson the learner will have known how to grow Ganoderma mushrooms
  • Prepare substrate
  • pasterize the substrate
  • spawn the substrate

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The learners will be involved in the following activities
  • substrates will be chopped and soaked
  • boiled in water for two hours, removed from boiling water and cooled
  • spawn will be applied at the 3per cent ratio

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The learners will
  • take home what they have cultured
  • observe the spawn run for one month
  • Open bags to let sprouting take place

Oyster Mushroom production

  1. Lesson 1: what are oyster mushrooms and how are they grown
  2. Lesson 2: the housing environment and requirement of structures
  3. Lesson 3: incubation of mushroom bags

Personal Background


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