MOUNT PLEASANT OER Experience By Mary Goretti Kariaga

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E-LEARNING EXPERIENCE I was introduced to e-learning as distance education parttime lecturer at the Zimbabwe open University. The activities involved preparation of modules which were used by learners . The students and lecturers had holiday contact hours and eventually sat for exam which were marked and rated by the lecturers.

Col seminar has been an eye opener because it has introduced me to Wiki Educator which is very versitile this website will among may others assist me as a planner in

  • Editing
  • Communicating with other people in the same community
  • Import learning materials from other sites
  • Videotape what activities are being carried out for posting to interested learners

The importation of pictures from various sites was very interesting as in the case of the one below

CumStudio programme has also been introduced. This once installed in my laptop will be useful in posting screen activities to my leaners

I look forward to interacting more with other members in this programme especially in developing material for training farmers on how to grow and market edible and medicinal mushrooms.