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Mr. Joseph Sampson

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Joseph Sampson Jr. was born in Dangriga Belizemore than fifty years ago.

Joseph has taught History and Social Studies at the secondary and tertiary levels both in Belize and Jamaica. In Belize he has taught at Stann Creek Ecumenical High School and Ecumenical Junior College(Dangriga), St. Peter Claver College and Julian Cho Technical High School(Toledo), Edward P. Yorke High School, St. Catherine Academy and Anglican Cathedral College (Belize City), Belmopan Baptist High School(Cayo). Today Joe is an Associate Lecturer of History in the History and Anthropology Program at the University of Belize.

In Jamaica Joe taught at Mona Preparatory School, Holy Childhood High School and was Tutor in Caribbean History for a short time at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus.

Joe is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus where he pursued both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in History.

On the personal side, Joe is married to Rev. Lorna Sampson, a priest in the Anglican Diocese of Belize. They have two children, Dawn and Donald Sampson, son-in-law, Ralph Nunez, daugther-in-law, Carolyn Centeno Sampson, granchildren, Diroune, Kayan and Kavaun Sampson.


The Garinagous

  1. Mixture of Carib Inidan and African Slaves in the Caribbean [articularly St. Vincent.
  2. These people fought with the Europeans to preserve St. Vincent as their place of domicile.
  3. They were defeated and many were sent out to sea to perish.
  4. they made it to the Bay Islands of Honduras.
  5. Later some moved to the mainland inhabiting parts of Guatemala(Livingston and eventually moving to Belize.

The Mestizos

  1. Mestizos were a mixture of Spanish and Indian.
  2. They became the victims of the Guerra de Las Castas in Mexico.
  3. Eventually many of them fled Mexico and established themselves in Corozal and Orange Walk in Belize.

The Mennonites

  1. These people left Prussia and Russia in search of political and religious freedom.
  2. They had strong objections to military service and governmental interference in their way of life.
  3. Eventually they crossed unto the North American Continent establishing themselves in Canada.
  4. Later many moved down to the United States, Chichihuaha in Mexico and Belize.
  5. In Belize they were given land and commitments of freedom of worship and community with no government interference.

Mayas from Guatemala

  1. Different Maya Groups from Guatemala particularly the Peten Department crossed over into Belize.
  2. A number of them settled in what is now San Antonio Village in Toledo

The East Indians

  1. East Indians were brought to the West Indies as Indentured servants to make-up the shortfall in the labour market after emancipation.
  2. Many of these East Indians left India because of extreme poverty and a promise of land, income and a better way of life in the Caribbean.
  3. For a number of them Belize was an option and they left Jamaica to come work in the logwood industry in Belize.
  4. Those that worked with the Southern Confederates in the sugar industry in the Toledo District were the victims of racism.
  5. Today East Indians are mainly an agricultural people.

The Southern Confederates

Arrived in Belize after the civil war in the United States in 1865
Started the first sugar industry in Belize in the Toledo District
Eventually they began to leave the settlement because of disease, tropical conditions and racial considerations since they had to be living with East Indians.

The Chinese

Chinese also came as indentured servants
However they did not like the logwood works nor did they care for agricultural works
Most of them had a preference for retail trading.
Therefore they left the logwood works and took up commerce.

Some abandoned the Belize settlement altogether.
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